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I want to become a partner

Most Frequent Questions

From very first day of its existence, there are questions asked. From very first day there are Answers replied. This is the only way of achieving spotless and efficient communication. I have summarized the Most Frequent Questions in this document. It is not a tool to quieten you, it is a pool to rise more questions, so please do.

What to do to become IBCSD associate?

  • To become associate you have to be ready to work hard. You have to be good in your business
  • You have to be ready to respect IBCSD Statement including L.E.D. principles
  • You have to send information about your Strength, Expertize (work) and location
  • You have to send IBCSD participation request

What do I have to expect first?

  • You will be asked to present your experience
  • You will be requested to utilize your experience
  • You will be asked to share the IBCSD philosophy

What do I have to expect next?

  • You will be requested to participate pro-active on selected project
  • You will be expected to spread IBCSD methodology and be a gate for in and outgoing information flow
  • You have to share your profits from your IBCSD projects with IBCSD
  • IBCSD will share the profits with you on all IBCSD projects you participate in

Do I have to run a company or be entrepreneur?

  • No there is no limit to life/work statement
  • The only difference is in the form of covering the cost. Companies and Entrepreneurs issue Invoices, private persons will get the money for the work done based on Agreement signed before start.

Are the members limited in age or gender?

  • No, there are no limits to age or gender, except of the national and local limits specified by law in your destination.
  • The only limitation is the will to work hard and do the work which suits you best
  • All age groups are welcome for only in harmony of age and gender would the IBCSD grow

Are the members limited by region?

  • There is no limitation to associate placement
  • The only limitation can be established by local policy and government for IBSCD will respect all official rules and regulation applied in your location.
  • IBCSD will not follow the rules of bribery and shadow economy and will do all to minimize the negative impact of those on global economy

Do I have to relocate if becoming an IBCSD associate?

  • No the relocation is not necessary if there is IBCSD potential in your area
  • There would be setup experience exchange policy later on, so members achieve international expertize in other locations. The participation would be voluntary.

Is there any financial condition for entering IBCSD?

  • No, there are no financial obligation for associates applied in favour to join IBCSD
  • For IBCSD WERKS (IBCSD production facilities), yearly fee will cover the IBCSD services
  • The only financial aspects are corresponding with the IBCSD philosophy of PROFIT SHARING, this came first after profit is generated

Which profit size can I expect from IBCSD participation?

  • The size of profit is equal to the volume of work spent for and in IBCSD environment
  • Standard profit share ratio is 65% to the workers, 25% to the WERK and 10% to IBCSD LAB
  • Only achieved profit can be shared, there is no possibility to receive payment without work completed
  • Please have in mind that, if you will understand IBCSD as profit centre only, or Easy money generator, you are not welcome on board until you change your approach.

Is there any limit to business scope or portfolio applied in IBCSD?

  • No there are no limits
  • Every single work is part of global economy and business chain, every single expertize will be sooner or later utilized in IBCSD network.
  • If your aim is to do what you like best, IBCSD associates and projects will find a way how to utilize your special skills best.

How can my business contribute to IBCSD?

  • There are several ways how business contribute to IBCSD and IBCSD contribute to businesses, detailed summary is in preparation now.
  • Please follow the IBSCD development for further details